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General Contracting Service

General Contracting Service


Sinoma Int., the only supplier with complete industry chain for cement engineering, offers full-line general contracting service, from engineering design, technology and equipment R & D, equipment manufacture and supply, civil construction, equipment installation and plant commissioning to operation & maintenance. The top-level design institutes, engineering design companies, equipment manufacturers and construction companies of Sinoma Int. are the strong resources that it can utilize to execute its general contracts. The approach of general contracting makes Sinoma Int. excel in controlling project quality, time schedule and cost. Accounting for more than 80% of our income, the general contracting service is now core business of Sinoma Int.


In China, the first general contract of Sinoma Int. is for Lafarge Dujiangyan 3,500 t/d cement production line. Sinoma Int. has since constructed almost all China’s EPC projects, including those 10,000 t/d plants in Zongyang, Tongling, Xuzhou, etc.


Sinoma Int. as well has its EPC services developed in a very fast pace in more than 70 countries and regions (including Europe and Americas). Up to now, Sinoma Int. has approximately 120 cement production lines constructed or under construction in such countries and regions as Spain, Italy, Russia, France, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, India, Zambia, Morocco, Tanzania, Dominic, Ecuador, etc. The capacities of these projects range from 1,500 t/d to 10,000 t/d. And UCC 10,000 t/d plant in UAE and SCC 2x10,000 t/d plants in Saudi Arabia are showcase of the competence and comprehensive power of Sinoma Int.


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  • Oman 3,000 t/d Line
    Oman 3,000 t/d Line
  • Pakistan Nizampur Line 1
    Pakistan Nizampur Line 1
  • Cambodia KCC 2,500t/d Line
    Cambodia KCC 2,500t/d Line
  • Laos 2,500 t/d Line
    Laos 2,500 t/d Line
  • Thaipride 2,500t/d Line
    Thaipride 2,500t/d Line
  • Malaysia Sarawak 2,000t/d Line
    Malaysia Sarawak 2,000t/d Line
  • Heidelberg Cement 2,500t/d Line
    Heidelberg Cement 2,500t/d Line
  • Lantian Yaobai 2x2,500t/d Line
    Lantian Yaobai 2x2,500t/d Line
  • Lafarge Chongqing 2,500t/d Line
    Lafarge Chongqing 2,500t/d Line
  • Ecuador 1,500t/d Production Lin
    Ecuador 1,500t/d Production Lin

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